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Here at DU Waterscapes, we're experts in large pond and lake management services covering Somerset and across the South West of England.

Large pond & lake management

Gradually slipping into disrepair

On many occasions, most likely due to their size, larger waterscapes are left unattended gradually slipping into disrepair. They slowly get swamped with aquatic plants that inevitably take over causing a very unpleasant and stagnant water feature. If seriously neglected, larger systems will without a doubt turn into bogs/wetlands and eventually completely silt up and become terrestrial land once again.

Many constructed large bodies of water, whether it is in a business complex or for a private client, are generally missing a few fundamentals to ensure they function correctly. Please see large pond and lake construction for more info.

This is where DU Waterscapes come in! If you have a large body of water and you are not sure what to do next, or your features have become overgrown with aquatic plants, please get in contact with us and we will endeavour to help you.

Aquatic vegetation; starting to take over

How we can help

Management plan

The first and foremost important factor when considering existing larger bodies of water is the creation of an action plan, ensuring within the plan that the waterscape can be correctly maintained to ensure the ecosystem continues to flourish. On too many occasions this is not the case, but DU Waterscapes are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to evaluate and decipher what your water feature needs in order to make it function correctly. We tailor our management plans to meet the specific needs of each client and their pond/ lake.

Management plans can include various actions to be undertaken over a given period - likely actions are to be between 1 to 3 year cycles in order to keep your habitat flourishing and not spiralling back into disrepair.

For a management plan to be created we will need to spend time with your waterscape, undertaking a full site survey. Prior to this we will likely ask for several photos and as much information as you have including previous management plans if they have ever been put in place.

Aeration systems

Oxygen is crucial for a healthy aquatic ecosystem.

Aerating a large waterscape is crucial to maintaining its natural beauty; it is possibly the most undervalued aspect for a successful flourishing larger pond or lake. The beneficial bacteria that balance an aquatic ecosystem needs good oxygenation and circulation for high-quality growth, which in turn break down the organic waste at the bottom of the lake at a more successful rate. The abundance of beneficial bacteria inhibits the growth rates of algae, leads to cleaner and clearer water, and of course increases the overall health of the ecosystem for all aquatic life.

By adding bottom aeration to your waterscape we will be proactively reducing the organic sediment levels at the bottom of the pond thus reducing the nutrient levels that cause algal blooms. Bottom aeration combined with a constructed wetland will ensure you have complete filtration to keep your system thriving for many, many years.

Click here to learn more about constructed wetland.

Erosion Repairs & Bank Revetments

Erosion can be a nightmare to deal with on any water body, especially when you are losing valuable space. Erosion generally occurs when something has not been prepared properly in the ground works phase of construction therefore leaving areas vulnerable to breaking down, wind direction can have a massive influence and, on many occasions, cause huge problems.

There are various ways of lessening erosion, whether it is through hard or soft engineering, both have a place depending on the application. Hard engineering being rocks or gabions, soft engineering being hazel/willow revetments or working with aquatic vegetation correctly.

Soft engineering can be considered more environmentally friendly, which not only improves your body of water but will also increase the diversity of habitat thus increasing the abundance and diversity of species. Although, hard engineering approaches can be equally as beneficial for the local environment if undertaken correctly.

If your larger pond or lake is suffering with an erosion problem, please do not hesitate to get in contact with DU Waterscapes and we will endeavour to provide the solutions to the erosion.

Aquatic Plant Removal & Control

The majority of aquatic plant species are very rampant growers, in some cases filling whole banks in the matter of a few months!!

Excessive aquatic plant growth in a freshwater ecosystem can be a problem, completely smothering and blocking out any potential light penetrating to its depths. This can then lead to huge oxygen depletions within the water and eventually cause huge build ups of sediment.

On many occasions, a management plan needs to be devised in order to continually control the aquatic plants. Correct management practises will keep them from taking over, but also make sure to have the least amount of impact on the adjacent wildlife. We can target specific species with hand pulling or cutting or even bring in a digger to remove the rhizomes therefore ensuring its keep the aquatic plants under control.

Each case is different to the next, if you feel your waterscape is not looking at its best; please do not hesitate to contact us.

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