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A new sensory experience

Fountainscapes are much underrated here in the UK, they are an exceptional and artistic way to enhance any outdoor living space adding a whole new sensory experience to your garden. A water feature provides the soothing sound of splashing water and are pretty much ideal for anyone’s garden.

A fountainscape whether it is a small babbling stone or a large ornate feature can transform an ordinary space into a true focal point, with the restorative sounds and hypnotic movements of water. They will attract wildlife, providing a valuable drinking source to birds and refuge for many other species.

Decorative fountains are a great addition when a client does not want a pond. They can be grande features or they can be delicate and quaint.

Fountainscape construction

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Everyone has an area of the garden where nothing will grow or even a horrid shady area where grass is struggling; well, good news, this is the perfect location for a fountainscape.

We can guarantee it will add excitement and interest to that once dull area of your garden!

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