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Pond maintenance and cleaning services

DU Waterscapes operating out of Taunton, Somerset offers pond & water feature cleaning & maintenance across the South West of England, including Devon, Avon, Wiltshire and Dorset.

In order to keep aquatic habitats in tip-top condition, we tailor our cleaning and maintenance programs to meet the specific needs of each client and their water features. As the warmer months approach and then start to fade we provide a Spring and Autumn seasonal opening and closing services, including Spring or Autumn cleaning.

For those requiring more attentive year-round maintenance we provide a bespoke Seasonal Maintenance Package. This covers all the essentials and one trip each season ensures you have a healthy aquatic ecosystem and can maximise the enjoyment from the water feature as well as ensuring all wildlife thrive.

Pond maintenance and cleaning services

Turn your uninspiring eyesore into a fabulous feature

Although we specialise in bespoke pond & water feature installation, we also provide a unique restoration and repairs service.

So, whether you built the pond yourself, hired a general builder or landscaper and it did not end up the way you wanted or, you may have even inherited the pond or water feature when you bought the house, we can help you turn your uninspiring eyesore into a fabulous feature!

We are also available to deal with emergencies, repairs and unforeseen events that affect the performance of your pond, water features, fountains or filtration systems.

If you are unsure of what service your water feature needs, please do not hesitate to get in contact.


Pond & water feature maintenance

DU Waterscapes provides unique solutions for maintaining and servicing ponds & water features operating throughout Somerset, Avon, Devon, Wiltshire and Dorset.

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Maintenance packages

DU Waterscapes have developed a package which encapsulates everything your pond ecosystem could need for a whole year all in one place.

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Pond & water feature cleaning

We are experts in providing an efficient and environmentally conscious cleaning service. We pride ourselves in ensuring we look after your aquatic pets and resident wildlife whilst we undertake any cleaning.

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Pond renovation & rebuilding

DU Waterscapes have a vast knowledge on aquatic environments, whether it be a back garden pond, large aquatic ecosystem or a natural waterway; we have the skills and equipment to preform

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I can imagine it is with a sinking heart you realise your water feature needs repairing. Don’t worry though because we can provide you with the solutions; we will always endeavour to find your problem and rectify it.

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Leak detection

Leaks can be a worrying time for any pond or water feature owner, so we have devised a troubleshooting methodology to eliminate all other possibilities thus hopefully solving what needs repairing as quickly as possible.

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Algae control

Algae in ponds & water features can be very unsightly and actually become a bit of a burden when trying to enjoy your garden.

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River habitat

Improving and restoring our degraded river habitats is vital to sustain a healthy ecosystem for our vulnerable native aquatic species

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On many occasions, most likely due to their size, larger waterscapes are left unattended gradually slipping into disrepair. This is where DU Waterscapes come in!

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