For all sizes & types of ponds, lined or natural

Larger ponds and lakes typically have water quality or clarity issues. These generally are tackled with aggressive chemicals and regular algae maintenance visits can be costly and labour intensive.

Luckily, DU Waterscapes are here to provide England with a different way of thinking, ultimately working with nature and creating pristine aquatic habitats throughout.

Wetland filtration services

What is a constructed wetland?

In nature, wetland systems are considered the kidneys of our planet, filtering out a large proportion of the sediment and harsh chemicals that build up in aquatic ecosystems. They have the capability of filtering out 96% of nitrates and 97% of phosphates found in polluted water!

We replicate this process, by trapping sediments and purifying the water that passes through to try and achieve pristine water quality, but also having easy access to deal with the acclimated sediment and ensuring algae is kept at bay. This design can be used on many applications where serious filtration is in order, for instance in Koi ponds with heavy fish loads and of course even bigger wildlife lakes. It makes it very easy to filter large bodies of water and they are very effective at that.

Correct planting can have a direct impact on the overall health of the pond; various species are incredibly good at removing suspended solids and even some harsh chemicals. By utilising these within the wetland it will not only look appealing but will also ensure that there is further filtration throughout the year.

A constructed wetland
A stream connecting a wetland to a lake
End result - A beautifully crystal clear lake

So what happens?

As the microorganisms flourish within the now living wetland system, the oxygen in the water is pumped down to the bottom where it slowly starts to flow upwards, the water gets stripped of excess nutrients and oxygen from the biological bacteria present.

Due to this process it is encouraged to have the returning water via a stream or cascade, which will be sure to enrich the water with oxygen once again before it enters back into the pond.

Constructed wetland

What are the benefits and features of constructed wetlands?

  • Highly-effective at the removal of sediment (suspended solids) from the pond.
  • Easily access collected sediment with the Specialist Vault, reducing the need for costly and invasive dredging.
  • Improves water clarity.
  • Strips excess nutrients from the water column, reducing algae and the physical and chemical maintenance that goes along with removing algae.
  • Removes toxic metals, chemicals, and hydrocarbons flushed into the system via storm water with the help of plants and beneficial bacteria.
  • The filter's modular design allows it to be constructed in a number of shapes and sizes.
  • Works on earth bottom and liner membrane ponds.
  • Easily retrofitted onto existing ponds.
  • The ability to create a waterfall or stream adjacent to the pond that is fed by a wetland.
  • Add a natural aesthetic characteristic to the pond design with aquatic plants and stones.
  • Ideal for retention pond construction and restoration.

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