A professionally crafted natural pond

There isn’t anything else you could add to your outdoor living space that will have as big of an impact as a professionally crafted natural pond.

A professionally crafted natural pond

Two styles of ponds

DU Waterscapes offer two styles of natural ponds.

A stillwater pond is a body of water with no filters or moving parts that will entice a huge abundance of wildlife to seek refuge and call your garden space their home. Our stillwater ponds are a cost effective way to create a stunning living feature in your garden that changes daily as the seasons flow through. This simple system needs little maintenance, however, this is not suitable if you are hoping to keep fish as the filtration is not high enough for the biological load fish cause.

Our ecosystem ponds are instantly recognisable from their eye-catching waterfalls which tumble over the rocks creating a beautiful burble which can be used to mask distant traffic sounds and create a space where you can be immersed in the sights and sounds of nature. With higher filtration and aerated water, this is perfect for fish or those after a more immersive experience.

If you would like a fully functioning natural pond in your back garden, waste no time - get in touch and we will make your outdoor space come alive!

Still water ponds

During the past century nearly 70% of pond ecosystems have been lost from the British countryside. This is why we are so passionate about designing and creating still water ponds.

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Ecosystem ponds

All ponds are ecosystems and some function better than others, this approach; ecosystem ponds, are working with nature not against it.

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