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Our Mission

At DU Waterscapes, we educate and inspire people to embrace naturally balanced water-gardening so that they can reconnect with nature for the proven benefits to their mental and physical health.

We combine both natural processes and applied sciences to achieve water-gardening excellence by increasing biodiversity and the abundance of native flora and fauna in order to repair, protect and restore habitats throughout the UK.

Pondless waterfalls and streams construction

Small Spaces With A Big Impact

Both Pondless Waterfalls and Fountainscapes can fit into the smallest of spaces, but can also create large focal points for bigger projects, perfect for the edge of a seating area, the shady corner where nothing grows, or in your front driveway as you arrive home.

Each feature is bespoke, working with the available space and the vision you are trying to achieve. Combining tumbling streams with cascading urns can be a dynamic display whereas some delicate bubbling rocks creates an intimate atmosphere perfect for a small terrace. We want to work alongside you to create your vision.

They can be used separately or combined for an eye-catching feature. You can visit our displays at Coombe Garden Centre in Honiton or Kelways Garden Centre in Langport.

Contemporary pools construction

Our Packages


Pondless Stream

2m Pondless Stream starts from £5,500

Pondless Waterfeature

A Pondless has all the drama of a waterfall but without the maintenance or space requirements of a pond below.

These tumbling streams add movement and sound to your space whilst still attracting wildlife, before soaking away into underground holding tanks to be recirculated.

The oxygenated water creates negative ions which capture allergens and spores, creating the clean-air feel we associate with mountains and other wide natural spaces.

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Double Bowl

Our Pouring Bowls start from £3,250


Our Pouring Double Bowls are our most popular fountainscape.

Used as a pouring pair, they are perfect for intimate patios or in a welcoming front driveway.  The water is recycled through an underground tank making them really simple to care for whilst still creating the joy of moving water and planting space for both you and nature.

Alternatively, why not incorporate one into your water feature as a formal twist or as a wine cooler for those hotter months.

With a variety of colours from Verdigris Blue to Desert Sand and Terracotta Red, there is the Bowl to suit your garden. 

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Bubbling Rock

Our Bubbling Rocks start from £2,295


Our Bubbling Rocks are our most pocket friendly water feature.  Use them as a stand alone feature or a trio, they create an intimate feel to smaller seating areas. 

Children love to play with the dancing bubble before it cascades into the storage tank below the ground, making it a safe way for children to enjoy water.  Pets love to drink from this moving water too!

Perfect for patios or in a welcoming front driveway.    

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Stacked Slate

These Fountainscapes start from £2,495


Our stacked slate spheres, urns and walls add a whole new sensory experience to your garden.  With the soothing sound of splashing water, it can transform an ordinary space into a true focal point either as a stand alone display, or combined into a larger feature in driveways or seating areas.

With no open body of water, they are one of the safest water features whilst still adding bouncing twinkles of light as the gentle bubble of water cascades over their textured sides and into the hidden basin below.    

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    These prices are given as a guide. Actual cost depends on distance, ground conditions and additions. Get in touch at the bottom of the page to start the conversation

    What Makes a Pondless or Fountainscape Great?

    As there is no pool of water, it makes it a great addition if you are concerned about the issues with a traditional pond i.e. young children, pets, etc.

    Is always a big influencing factor when considering any type of water feature. In most cases a disappearing water feature is less than a typical pond as there is less labour involved as well as rocks and other materials.

    A disappearing water feature can be a very small meaning you can pretty much enjoy one anywhere in your outdoor space even in a small courtyard garden.

    Looking after a disappearing waterfall is easy, you may need to fill the basin up every few weeks in the warmer months due to evaporation but that is basically it!

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    We strive to get in touch within five business days. But please bear with us if it takes us a little longer. We thank you for your patience while we are out making someone’s back garden beautiful! Yours could be next!

    In the meantime, feel free to stop by one of our display features and pop over here to check out our latest blog posts or recent projects.

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