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Owner & Director

I have always had a keen fascination for wildlife, in particular ponds, wetland areas and those amazing little aquatic creatures in and around them.

At 7 years old, I remember being mesmerised by the goldfish in my father’s pond, watching them circle slowly, breach for food and interact with each other. I soon learnt that frogspawn meant spring was on its way, what flowers bud first and how to care for our slice of nature.

I remember seeing my first newt! What a sight the tiny fella was, flashing through the water to gulp air before returning to the depths. I recall searching for toads and other amphibians during the summer months and learning about their life cycle.




I recently graduated from university with a BSc in Geography and was fortunate enough to find employment in the form of DU Waterscapes.

I have grown up appreciating aquatic ecosystems as a result of going on fishing trips regularly since a young age and creating my own pond with my dad. Thus sparking an interest into the dynamics of aquatic ecosystems as well as understanding the serenity they can provide in an otherwise hectic world. I am also an avid bike rider, competing in BMX for the majority of my life at an international level. Therefore, combining my out-going nature with my passion for aquatics, it would seem that I have landed on my feet here at DU!

Aquaspace Certified Contractor

Quality assured

DU Waterscapes is the Certified Aquascape Contractor covering the south west of England. This prestigious certification is only awarded to companies that have fulfilled and undertaken the Aquascape Inc. training and educational program. Ensuring to sustain the high standards; ponds done right, customers served right!

Check out what some of our customers have had to say below:

I am extremely pleased with the disappearing waterfall/stream Dan created in my garden. It is a work of art. His attention to detail is excellent as is shown in the quality plants he chose which really enhance the feature. He and his team worked hard taking out and disposing of the original feature. 

Jasmine Stephens

Unbelievable good fortune to have had DU Waterscapes as the company I asked to relocate an old and leaking wildlife pond. Their understanding of the issues involved is encyclopedic and their work is first rate. The new pond is a thing of beauty and is already being colonised by amphibians on it's first day.

Daniel McCarthy

Dan and Rick worked really hard. They were both very polite and good fun to have around. Their hard work and attention to detail as they were building this water feature was second to none! We enjoyed watching this project come to fruition and we are soooo very pleased with it.

Richard Lindner

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