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Here at DU Waterscapes, we're experts in fish pond, fountain & water feature renovations covering Somerset and across the South West of England.

The sad reality

It is an unfortunate fact that when it comes to water feature construction in Somerset (and possibly the rest of the South West and also the majority of the UK) - you really do “Get What You Pay For”!!!

To our dismay this is very true and, on occasions, we deal with unhappy pond owners who have been left with a garden hell not their promised aquatic paradise! It is quite apparent that many water features seem to function properly for a few months then start to deteriorate. Some of our pond owners seeking a renovation or rebuild for their pond or water feature have only had their costly project for a season or two!

Generally we discover the dream water feature they once wanted never really happened. Or they have been continually battling for years with water quality or clarity issues, leaks or having continual maintenance problems.

This is when DU Waterscapes steps in and offers you the water feature of your dreams!!

Finished project!?! What a mess.

Where do I draw the line with my irritating water feature and get it replaced by an actual pond professional?

There are several key elements to consider when deciding what route may be best for you and your water feature. First and foremost ask yourself how much it is this likely to cost? As you can imagine this is the number one question we get asked about restoration projects...

A pond not holding water is a common occurrence - a leaky pond that keeps causing you grief is no fun at all, chances are you will end up spending a lot of time and money trying to find the hole/s or if you have a filtration system that is just not suitable for the job, not giving you the crystal clear water your water feature deserves, when do you call ‘time’ on the system?

Pond renovation services
A wildlife pond that needs rethinking
A wildlife pond that needs rethinking!

Around 50% of our construction business clients are homeowners who have recently employed someone who has ‘tried’ to create a pond or water feature in their outdoor space. Often they are disappointed with the end result as it is not quite the functioning aquatic habitat they longed for.

You could have become tired of the maintenance nightmare left by another installer who has since gone out of business or simply does not want to maintain your pond anymore. I could go on and on! Before any commitment, it is so crucial to do your research in the water feature world, look for past projects and ask for reviews or references, even try and visit a display water feature!

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