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Our Mission

At DU Waterscapes, we educate and inspire people to embrace naturally balanced water-gardening so that they can reconnect with nature for the proven benefits to their mental and physical health. We combine both natural processes and applied sciences to achieve water-gardening excellence by increasing biodiversity and the abundance of native flora and fauna in order to repair, protect and restore habitats throughout the UK.

Ecosystem pond construction

A pocket oasis

Our ecosystem ponds are instantly recognisable from their eye-catching waterfalls which tumble over the rocks creating a beautiful burble which can be used to mask distant traffic sounds and create a space where you can be immersed in the sights and sounds of nature.

The stream in our ecosystem ponds enlarges the footprint and adds height to your garden, adding to the visual and auditory impact of your space, proven to reduce stress and improve productivity. The berm that the waterfall tumbles down creates a perfect flower bed for shrubs and annuals which also helps to further embed the pond into its surroundings.
You can visit our display at Blackdown Garden Centre to see one in person

Crystal Clear Waters

With the waterfalls aerating the water, the added oxygen boosts the aerobic activity of the pond allowing beneficial bacteria to keep it crystal clear. Meanwhile, the current created by the stream pushes water around the pond, directing floating debris such as leaves into the skimmer at the far end instead of allowing them to fall to the bottom to rot. With only occasional maintenance to scoop out the waiting debris, this turbo boosted ecosystem is perfect for those wanting a dynamic and ever changing environment and can cope with the heavier organic load of fish if you enjoy their splashes of colour and movement.

Streams & waterfalls construction

Downhill is the only way

Our naturalistic streams meander down the berm with gentle twists and turns, babbling its way towards your pond, enhancing any outdoor space tenfold! We love to work with any natural elevation changes, guiding it to give you the best view from your home and outdoor seating areas.

We create each stream as though it appeared naturally in the night, carving and eroding itself into the hillside, creating exposed outcrops, exactly how it would in nature. Each stone has its own story of how it was formed millions of years ago and will continue to exist centuries after we have gone. For now it is pausing for a while in your back garden with water splashing and babbling over or around it. The way the water interacts with each stone creates different sounds as the water tumbles over them, some are a deep pitch somewhat like the bass of the earth, others higher. It is almost like we are tuning into nature; nature's very own orchestra for you to enjoy.

What better way to finish up a hard day’s work, relaxing with your favourite beverage by your own babbling back garden stream.

Our Packages

The Water Boatman

Ecosystem Pond - 1.8m x 2m from £6,995


Although our smallest pond, the addition of the stream increases the footprint to approximately 1.8 x 3m, making it a dynamic feature within a small garden that will soon encourage plenty of wildlife and can support a couple of smaller fish such as goldfish or stickleback.

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The Dragonfly

Ecosystem Pond 2 x 3m plus 1m stream from £9995


This pond is big enough to dabble your toes in whilst you watch the dragonflies and bees going about their daily business. The stream enlarges the footprint to around 2 x 5m providing plenty of space for planting around the pond to embed it into the landscape. With a large surface area of pebbles and gravel for bacteria to grow, they will soon be dining on any debris that may fall into the pond to keep it crystal clear for you.

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The Toad

Ecosystem Pond 3 x 4m plus 1.5m stream from £11,995


This pond is our most popular and packs a visual punch to your garden without breaking the budget. With 14m of riparian zone plus the stream adding an extra 3 metres to the footprint, this will be a beautiful place that both you and the wildlife can enjoy.

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The Avocet

Ecosystem Pond 4 x 5m plus 2m stream from £23,995


With its extra deep centre, larger water lilies and other deep water marginal plants can thrive, creating an underwater forest for aquatic animals to enjoy. The stream adds an additional 4 metres to the footprint which gives plenty of planting space behind and beside the pond. The larger rocks also help to create a more natural feel to the space and can support a small number of koi.

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The Kingfisher

Ecosystem Pond 5 x 6m plus 2.5m stream from £28,995


This impressive pond will soon develop a dynamic but balanced ecosystem around this large body of water. It won’t be long before it has encouraged plenty of larger predatory animals such as grass snakes and birds of prey to realise this is a great place to feed. With the footprint extending over 5 x 11m, you will be immersed in nature.

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    What Makes an Ecosystem Pond Great?

    Your Own Orchestra
    Each stone creates its own sound that we tune into your very own orchestra. What better way to finish up a hard day’s work than relaxing with your favourite beverage by your own babbling back garden stream.

    Gives Height & Interest
    The berm to create the tumbling stream adds height and increases the footprint of your feature, enhancing the visual and auditory impact of your space.

    Supports Koi and Other Fish
    With their higher filtration systems and oxygen boosting waterfalls, eco ponds are perfect for those who wish to keep fish as well as enhance the biodiversity of their garden.

    Made for Nature
    This is designed specifically with nature in mind and they will love you for it. It won’t take long before they move in, giving you an ever changing environment to observe and enjoy.

    How does an Ecosystem Pond Work?

    Ecosystem pond diagram

    Filtration system: There is a two stage filtration method, mechanical and biological.  A pond skimmer (the mechanical filtration) pre-filters all the water and debris including leaves into one simple place to be removed with ease at your discretion. The water is then passed into a biological filter than harbours millions upon billions of microscopic beneficial bacteria that colonise over time and in the process consume and break down excess nutrients within the water column.


    Rocks and gravel: They protect the liner from sun exposure (which can eventually be a cause of leaks). With their large surface area, they are a great place for beneficial bacteria to thrive, thus helping with excess nutrient removal and ultimately keeping your pond water crystal clear.  Finally, rocks and gravel are a lot more pleasing to look at than a black rubber liner!


    Aquatic plants: In nature, aquatic plants are the true filtration, large wetland systems can filter out around 96% of available nitrogen and up to 97% of phosphorous, both these chemicals are the number one cause for algae blooms. (Read more about wetland systems here)

    Aquatic plants also provide texture and colour to your pond, helping the entire pond to find its equilibrium, which will minimise maintenance, improve water quality and clarity by absorbing excess nutrients.


    Recirculation system: Ensuring correct water flow throughout a water feature will help to maintain oxygen levels, provide the tranquil sound of moving water thus optimising water quality and of course helping lessen maintenance.


    Fish: Whether it is Koi or goldfish that you stock, they play an integral part in this ecosystem dynamic - they graze on the excess algae on the rocks and gravel, helping to reduce overall maintenance. Image these as your underwater gardeners.

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    In the meantime, feel free to stop by one of our display features and pop over here to check out our latest blog posts or recent projects.

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