Creating a haven for wildlife

A wildlife pond should consist of plants, look natural and entice owners to sit by them and enjoy the abundance of wildlife we have here in the UK, including Dragonflies, Damselflies, frogs and toads. They should create a little haven for this wildlife as their natural habitats continue to diminish.

So when we arrived in Cullompton we were dismayed at the site of a poorly constructed wildlife pond. The liner was exposed and bubbling, the planting was minimal and the air void of the usual buzz of life.

The work

DU Waterscapes wasted no time in drawing up a design for this waterscape; a complete re-build was in order. The first day was upon us in no time! The pond was drained taking special care to preserve as much of the wildlife as possible in our large holding facility and the old inadequate liner removed.

It was much to our surprise that the bubbling liner was due to a large build up of natural gases! This, sadly, was due to improper excavation of the site, leaving large roots under the pond that had begun to rot! The correct under-pond construction and foundations were carried out to make sure this would not happen again!

The foundation of the pond was constructed, the steps sculpted to the specifications drawn up, this is where the fun really begins! We installed the correct underlay and liner and began placing larger rock features around the bottom section, gravel was then poured in (Gently!) ensuring no liner was on display.

This was then repeated on the second and third sections, creating a naturalistic feel to this water feature. Planting time!! We at DU Waterscapes love our native wild flowers and decided to give the birds and the bees something to really chirp and buzz about with our planting plan!

The result

We created a wealth of aquatic nooks and crannies for the new species of plants to get their roots into as well as bringing the edging areas a splash of colour too creating homes and food for many an invertebrate.

Before we even had chance to pack away this once featureless waterscape was alive with swallows dipping and diving, frogs hopping and croaking and the odd newt poking his head out to say hello.

A well earned cuppa by the pond was in order to celebrate.

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