Drain and Cleans

Your pond will now be waking up from its winter dormancy ready for the spring. However, you will want your pond to come back to life accordingly, hence the importance of a drain and clean. The microorganisms that keep the nutrient levels in your pond at a sustainable level have shut down during the cold winter months, therefore, any fish waste, debris and detritus that was previously being broken down in the warmer months is instead accumulating at the bottom of your pond/water feature. This accumulation will take the form of a gelatinous pond sludge. The nutrient rich sludge will fuel the growth of any aquatic species able to capitalise on it, unfortunately this is usually algae! The algae will continue to eat away at this nutrient store, multiplying and engulfing your aquatic sanctuary, carpeting the surface and pond edges, tainting your beautiful feature.

Here at DU Waterscapes we offer a professional grade seasonal cleaning and maintenance package. This ensures you can have the same level of enjoyment from your pond/water feature all year round, providing that reassurance your pond/water feature will be functioning immaculately and making your life all together easier! For more information on our cleaning and maintenance services follow this link to our website (https://duwaterscapes.co.uk/maintenance/pond-maintenance/).