Pond Dropping Water Level Troubleshoot Guide

A dropping water level can be a worrying time for any pond or water feature owner.  We have devised a troubleshooting guide to pinpoint the problem so you can quickly fix it.

Leaking Plumbing Connections

We suggest starting with the most likely causes – leaky plumbing connections.  Check the filtration system, UVs, skimmers, anything that has  water passing through it!  You may need to dig down gently to excavate any connection points.  You’ll soon feel damp soil if this is the problem area.

Concrete Liner Cracked or Wicking Water?

Check around the waterfalls, if these have been created with concrete, then has it cracked? Concrete actually wicks water out of the stream to be evaporated away so could this be causing the dropping water levels?  This may need relining or rebuilding as concrete repairs never hold for very long and may be a poor investment.  Get in touch to find out the best way for your waterfeature.

Low Edge Leaking Water

This is where the liner is lower than the water level. Simply start looking for any suspect low edges which could be wetter. Settling at the edge of the pond or water feature is one of the most common causes of a leak, especially in a new pond as everything relaxes into place.

Low edges could be anywhere around the pond but typically they are seen around the steam/waterfall areas where settling is most likely to have occurred, normally after a few heavy spells of rain.  Settling is a natural process as the ground moves, particularly during construction whilst soil is moved around.

I imagine you have already strolled around with hands on hips trying to see what is going on.  This time go extra slow, carefully inspecting the edges.  I like to start from the top of the waterfall and physically trace your finger over the liner, making sure that it is 50-100mm (2-4 inches) above water level.  Remember that during each drop of the waterfall, the water can back up and so keep a particularly close eye here.  Plants may have also grown since they have been planted and may be backing up water where it was fine beforehand.

Keep a look out for wetter areas of soil, or top dressings like bark or gravel. If you are successful with your investigations and you notice a lower area, simply lift the liner if possible and push some soil under; raising up the edge. Before you jump with joy, and say problem solved, continue to carry on looking to ensure you have not missed anywhere!

Excessive Splashing

Could water splashing out of your waterfall be causing your dropping water level?

A splash leak is as simple as slightly adjusting the problem stones. This will hopefully contain and or redirect the water stopping your splash leak, a cheap and easy way to solve with a little knowledge…

In some cases it could be water travelling underneath the slip stone (the stone before it enters the pond).  This will direct the water underneath the liner into the soil.  This can sometimes be repaired but may need a stream rebuild if the original build was poorly installed.  Get in touch to find out the best way for your waterfeature.

Hole in Your Liner

If you have got this far then  you most likely have a hole in your pond liner.

Was your hole caused by an obvious accident such as a slipped gardening fork?  This can be easily repaired with a patch during a drain and clean of your pond.

If you don’t know where the hole came from, your pond may be coming to the end of its life. Even if you spend money trying to repair it, more will soon appear and it is no longer cost effective.  It is probably time to think about rebuilding your pond to create the water feature your garden deserves.

A wise man once said to me looking for a hole in a liner is like finding a needle in a haystack… With leaky liners you don’t actually know how many holes you are looking for!

This is the exciting opportunity to look at a new pond, designed to suit your changing lifestyle.  Do you want lower maintenance, enhanced biodiversity or a place to sit and relax?

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