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Trio of Giant Stacked Slate Urns

2.4m Custom Fountainscape with Artist of the Year
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Only 14 of these MASSIVE urns made!

One of the highest honours an aquatic artist can attain in the pond and water feature industry is being names the Aquascape Artist of the Year (AOTY). These seriously talented few have generally been honing their graft for several decades and are the elite of the elite... 

Brian Helfrich is Aquascape Inc. Vice President of Construction, several years ago he had a conversation with one of his clients that asked if they could ever make a larger stacked slate urn, well zoom on a few years later and only 14 of these massive urns were made. Towering at 2.4 metres high they are a truly colossal water feature! 

Brian set about conjuring up a plan to create a feature front and centre of the drive way at Aqualand, Aquascape Inc international head quarters just outside Chicago, USA in the water gardening capitol of the world, St Charles. 

He wanted to create a space to permanently honour the previous AOTYs and thought there was no better way than having some of the previous AOTY design and create a display at Aqualand. Front and centre on the main drive way as you enter the complex creating the ultimate homage to the very talented artists!

Unforgettable experience.

Fortunately for myself, Jon and Phil Davis (from Davis Pondscape, North Yorkshire) we were in Chicago exploring down town before we received a call from Greg Wittstock The Pond Guy and the CEO of Aquascape Inc asking us if we could get into St. Charles a day earlier than planned to help button up this incredible feature. Although we are not previous AOTY we were offered an amazing opportunity and experience to create a water feature front and centre at the largest global pond and water feature companies head quarters!

We didn’t hang about, we were up earlier to get the super-sized train from downtown out to the suburbs, St. Charles. We got to Aqualand and go stuck in straight away rubbing shoulders and developing our skills as we worked with these true masters of their craft.

We were fortunate enough to work along some of the best in the industry and it is an experience I will never forget; the finished piece is incredible and I am honoured to have played a small part in its creation.


The result speaks for itself...

The birth of a one-of-a-kind custom creation at the mecca of Water Gardening!

The way the urns interact with one another complementing each others heights creating an empowering feature that yet feels in scale right next to the large warehouse facility. The use of the bottom section of one of the urns to create a stacked slate bowl with an almost rain of effect waterfall is truly unique. This aspect is very captivating in the middle of the feature and it can be seen from afar almost as a giant sheet of water. Not forgetting the ENORMOUS boulders, around 5 - 7 tonnes a piece, were positioned so intricately within the piece providing yet again the power scale this fountainscape has created.  

This fountainscape is incredibly impressive for all to see if they make the trip to Aqualand, St Charlies USA and it was a massive honour to have been a part of its creation. 

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