Curry Rivel, Somerset

The Toad

3x4m Ecosystem Pond
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This client had the age old problem of a pond done wrong!

An unfortunate attempt by a general landscaper to create a functioning pond, this did not fit the clients expectations and desires for their outside space. The waterfall wasn’t facing the viewing area and the feature did not function properly. We came in to create a 4 x 3m ecosystem pond with a low profile 2m babbling stream to blend into this very flat back garden.

The result

A poorly constructed bare liner system with a big black box filter was created by another installer, adding a scar to this keen gardeners cottage theme garden. A truly upsetting sight. 

Luckily enough we know a thing or two about water gardening and we were able to assist with bringing their water gardening dreams to life, a rebuild was the only solution…

We demolished the old pond and leaky waterfall, removing all of the concrete and discarded of all the harsh materials. The pond was upgraded into a full aquatic water garden in the forms of an Aquascape ecosystem pond with a 2m long babbling brook and waterfalls. 

We ensured to create enough depth and space for her finned pets that were getting a little crowded in the green swamp. As well as widening the shelves to provide substantial aquatic planting zones giving the density of aquatic foliage to blend with the rest of the landscape. Caves were incorporated within the rock work at the bottom to ensure the fish had some shelter from predation. 

As the clients are keen gardeners we made sure this space became a true water garden. We added the mighty Equisetum hyemale which provided for a spectacular backdrop for the quaint British native Caltha palustris, as well as a few species of aquatic Iris. 

All in all a great transformation proving you do not need a lot of space to have a wonderful aquatic paradise. 

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