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A blank slate to create a wildlife friendly pond was presented to DU Waterscapes. We created a 3 x 2m still water pond which heavily relies on the ecosystem finding a balance, through aquatic plant life as well as the other bugs and beasties that keep our still water ponds in tip-top condition.

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This pond had been neglected for many many years, the clients met us at the Taunton Flower Show and knew right away we were the company for the task. We removed all the over grown matt of aquatic plants and created a one-of-a-kind still water wildlife pond.

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A tricky sloped site didn’t stop us creating a bespoke still water pond. It has come to life with an array of species that now call this pond home.

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A wildlife pond should consist of plants, look natural and entice owners to sit by them and enjoy the abundance of wildlife we have here in the UK, including Dragonflies, Damselflies, frogs and toads. They should create a little haven for this wildlife as their natural habitats continue to diminish.

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