What is an ecosystem pond?

Ecosystem ponds are what we are most recognised for here at DU Waterscapes. They are a feature that stands alongside the company’s ethos of not only producing water features of beautiful aesthetics, but also to function in harmony with nature. Ecosystem ponds maintain immaculate year-round water quality through harnessing and enhancing processes that would occur in nature anyway.

Most of our ecosystem ponds are comprised of 2 components; a Biofalls and a Skimmer. The Biofalls is where the water begins its journey, here the water could fall straight into the pond or instead pass through an intricately crafted boulder stream before then making its entrance into the pond. The Biofalls provides a continuous supply of oxygen to the pond, allowing the ecosystem to function properly, as well as giving us as artists the opportunity to make your pond a truly bespoke when crafting the eye-catching waterfalls that are associated with our ecosystem ponds. The Skimmer is integral in ensuring our usual pristine water quality. It is where the pond pumps are situated, drawing in the water where it is then filtered through a basket as well as a filter medium. Therefore, the water is filtered purely though the manipulation of beneficial bacteria in the filter medium and the pumps are highly unlikely to cause any harm to pond life such as frogs and newts as they are not placed in the pond itself as you might find in other traditional practices.

Our ecosystem ponds will appear as though they have been carved into your surrounding landscape, with an array of boulders of different shapes and sizes forming the pond and waterfall. This provides the ultimate natural look with no horrible black liner on show to detract from the natural beauty of the pond itself or indeed the wildlife/fish found inside it.