What’s happening in your pond? – Potential warning signs

In most cases ponds are at their best during the summer and need relatively little maintenance. Some problems can occur, with the following being the most likely:

Water loss – This is usually caused by evaporation due to the warm temperature. If you notice your pond water levels have fallen in recent weeks we would suggest topping it up before you decide to panic. The likelihood is the water loss is merely as the result of evaporation, so if the fall in water level has been at a steady rate then evaporation is your most likely suspect.

Fish gaspingIn hot still conditions oxygen levels in the water can fall to dangerous levels. Plants produce oxygen in bright conditions through a process called photosynthesis, but use it up in the dark through respiration. If you notice your fish are gasping at the water surface or congregating around any moving water in the morning it may well be that low oxygen levels are to blame. Therefore this could be due to your pond being severely over-grown.  The lack of oxygen in the pond could also be as a result of reduced flows from your waterfall/pond fountain. If these flows have lessened then it is worth checking everything is running clean without any clogging around the pump or inside the Biofalls itself. If this task seems laborious and you would rather have the solution fixed efficiently and correctly then we would highly recommend calling upon our services.

Plant growthDuring the warmer months the growth of fast growing pond plant species can start to choke the pond. Carefully removing some of the faster growing plants to keep part of the pond plant free is advisable. Always compost the plants you remove and never dispose of them into natural watercourses.

Algae growth – Both green water and blanket weed can be a problem in the summer, though usually only if there are too few plants in the pond. When treating algae, ensure that as much has been removed from the pond as possible before the treatment goes in so that when it dies off less organic matter renters circulation that could in turn enhance the conditions for further algae growth down the line. If you are worried about what\t chemicals you are putting into your pond to tackle algae growth then we would recommend you contacting us before you do so. DU Waterscapes can offer doses of bacterial treatment to keep your pond ticking over year-round, or indeed offer an Autodoser installation! For more information on Autodosers see our FAQ’s.