What’s happening in your pond? – Why do we insist services and drain and cleans are so important?

In this gradual change over from winter to spring it really is the most important time to get on top of any outstanding work that needs to complete on your pond/water feature. This is because as it stands your pond ecosystem is still relatively dormant in comparison to the hive of life it will accumulate and grow in the coming months. Therefore, any maintenance work carried out whilst temperatures remain relatively low can be completed whilst disturbing as little of your pond’s wildlife as possible, allowing us to carry on working alongside nature as we always strive to.

It is also worth bearing in mind that the increased fish activity and amphibian populations that come alongside the warmer weather also means the amount of organic matter entering your pond through excrement will rise significantly. Therefore, if your pond or pond filters are not as clean as they should be then they could potentially suffer at the worst possible time. Issues could arise such as, increased water turbidity, algal blooms and water discolouration if your pond ecosystem has not been tended to correctly. Thankfully our ecosystem ponds have an optimal filtration system fitted so these issues should be far less prevalent than what is found in your standard garden pond, however, we stand on the side of caution, hence why all of our clients are offered a maintenance package annually to ensure all of these potential issues are eradicated by our well oiled team.