Wildflower Turf – A crucial habitat

Wildflower meadows are a significant contributor to the environment through their ecological benefits, ability to absorb carbon and aesthetic qualities. They are a crucial habitat here in the UK being able to compromise from over 150 species of flower and grass, supporting a myriad of insects, from beetles to bees and butterflies. Consequently, a wildflower meadow could contain up to 40 species per square metre!

In our bid to help restore this precious British habitat, DU Waterscapes has become an accredited partner of Wildflower Turf. Wildflower Turf is a company with an award winning pedigree, making wildflower meadows accessible to all people for a variety of uses. Their grass and flower mixes complement one another, allowing the flowers to flourish. Other techniques such as plugging and seeding can result in the grasses swamping the flowers producing a poorly diverse meadow as a result of flowers failing to succeed.

Rather than having a space dominated by monotone green grass, Wildflower Turf will instead achieve a variety of colours that will grow and change throughout the year. The regularity of these colours and plants can be altered through the selection of turf mix, these mixes can not only be changed for colour preference but also to suit areas of full light, partial light and shade. As well as working with business’ such as ourselves, the pedigree of Wildflower Turf is more than apparent with the company completing projects alongside organisations such as the Royal Botanic Gardens, The Environment Agency and Natural England to name a few.